We're the monetization
operating system
for publishers.

We empower publishers to take control of their own destinies, giving you the tools, solutions, and knowledge to thrive.

Cloud Wrapper

Lightning-fast Prebid wrapper with infinite customization on web, video, AMP, and in-app.

Cloud Layout

Turnkey front-end website layouts designed to provide exceptional page speed scores and UX.


A real-time reporting & alerting platform that adapts to the needs of every publisher.

Built with a publisher-centric mindset.

Proprietary Wrapper

Cloud Wrapper has better caching than Prebid, enables faster site speed and provides a better overall ad performance. Run client or server-side Prebid alongside Amazon in milliseconds.

Standalone Environments

Every publisher gets isolated infrastructure on AWS so we can conduct rapid development and testing, enable complete customization and reduce risks from broken tech or attacks.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

Cloud Wrapper is hosted and delivered from the cloud for faster processing and compiling and the ability to accommodate a significant number of bidders in a fraction of the time.

Seamless Team Extension

Our team works in tandem with yours to collaborate, enhance and optimize every facet of your ad operations. You have complete control and can determine what support you need and directly communicate through a dedicated Slack channel.

Surpassing the competition across the board.

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Proprietary Prebid Wrapper
Developer Friendly
Custom Video Player
Real-Time Reporting
Custom Page Layouts
Trainings and Seminars
SSPs and Advertising Partners

Work with the team members who actually wrote the code.

Tired of working with AMs who don't know the first thing about ad ops? Get quick, friendly, professional support directly from our devs and ad ops team.

Ad Ops Pros can help you with:
  • Your SSP Relationships
  • Layout & ad configurations
  • Google Ad Manager setup
  • Triaging/debugging technical issues
  • Performance reporting
Ad Tech devs can help you with:
  • Integrating solutions
  • Building out custom logic to fit your needs
  • Run A/B tests on bidders, geos, and anything else you can imagine
  • Debugging critical & technical issues

We’ve delivered for the best.
Here’s some of what we can do.

Learn how Arkadium achieved a 37.8% eCPM lift with Aditude's expertise. By optimizing their ad tech stack and implementing dynamic flooring, Aditude enhanced Arkadium's revenue, session RPM, and fill rates, showcasing the power of a data-driven, customer-centric approach to ad monetization.
Discover how C-SPAN increased ad revenue through Aditude's Cloud Wrapper. Learn how our partnership optimized monetization strategies, improved viewability, and decreased unfilled impressions while maintaining brand integrity.
Learn how Insticator transformed its ad monetization strategy with Aditude's Cloud Wrapper, increasing viewability rates from 45% to over 70%, significantly boosting revenue, and using its own Demand Marketplace.