About the Customer

Blitz stands as a leader in the gaming industry by serving as the dedicated activity-tracking platform for millions of engaged gamers. Known for its commitment to excellence, Blitz offers unparalleled performance insights and cutting-edge learning tools tailored to enhance the gaming experience.

Their platform's global reach extends to a vast and diverse audience, reinforcing their leading position in not only the gaming industry but also the gaming community. Advertisers seeking to connect with a gaming audience find unparalleled opportunities through Blitz’s extensive and engaged user base.

Case Study

How Blitz achieved a 39% lift in revenue with Aditude

The Problem

Blitz recognized the critical importance of effectively monetizing their platform, realizing that a robust ad monetization strategy is key to sustaining growth and delivering an optimal user experience. 

Blitz previously relied on a prominent wrapper for their ad monetization needs. Despite a well-functioning setup, Blitz encountered challenges when it came to engineering and product. The challenges were heightened by a lean ad operations team needing more support to execute on all business objectives. Blitz was looking for a solution that could:

  • Match their pace of work and offer flexibility 
  • Be an extension of their Engineering and Ad Operations team
  • Provide additional paths to new revenue opportunities

The Approach

Blitz identified that their need was to partner with a solution provider that could be an extension of their own ad operations and development teams.  In their quest for a comprehensive ad monetization solution, Blitz found a match in Aditude, an industry-leading ad monetization solution. Blitz started with Aditude through an A/B testing period where they slowly ramped up traffic in order to test the waters and determine if the team's commitment and solution were the right fit. 

Once the testing period concluded, it was no surprise that Blitz fully integrated with Aditude and increased traffic to 100% just in time for Q4. This decision was made as a result of Aditude’s:

  • Technical expertise – Blitz appreciates working with a highly technical team, which is required for their startup to scale
  • Collaborative approach – The Aditude team actively seeks out optimizations and revenue opportunities for Blitz, which showcases  a publisher-first mentality 
  • Strong ad performance – Blitz saw strong revenue growth of 39% since they started testing with Aditude
  • Flexible pricing terms – Aditude worked closely with Blitz to accommodate a pricing model that fit their business needs

The Results

In Q3 2023, during the A/B testing period, Blitz’s ad monetization saw a:

  • 28.16% lift in actual ad revenue in comparison to the previous quarter
  • 50% lift in eCPM in comparison to the previous quarter

By Q4 2023,  Aditude was monetizing 100% of Blitz’s traffic. Blitz saw even further growth with a:

  • 7.12% lift in actual ad revenue in comparison to the previous quarter
  • 37.04% lift in eCPM in comparison to the previous quarter
Aditude's technical expertise is unmatched. Working with a highly technical team has been crucial for our startup's scaling efforts. They're not just a vendor; they actively collaborate, seeking optimizations and revenue opportunities with a true “publisher first” mentality.
- Eddie Lee


Blitz's partnership with Aditude immediately improved their ad monetization and positioned them for long-term success. Aditude's wrapper opened up additional paths to new revenue opportunities for Blitz, ensuring a monetization strategy that is efficient and adaptable to the dynamic demands of the gaming industry. 

Comparing H2 2023 to H1 2023, Blitz saw a lift of 39.36% in ad revenue, and they continue to improve their ad monetization with Aditude. The collaboration has streamlined workflows, increased revenue, and provided the necessary support to focus on Blitz’s broader business objectives. The combination of expertise, trust, and flexibility makes Aditude a reliable and enjoyable partner for Blitz. Blitz has further solidified its position as a leader in the gaming community, showcasing the synergies between innovative gaming experiences and effective monetization solutions.