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Looking to engage a deeply immersed digital audience? Meet CPMStar, an Aditude company, and advertisers' go-to ad tech platform.

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15+ Years of Audience Insight Data

With a pioneering presence in gaming advertising since 2005, CPMStar offers invaluable audience insights derived from facilitating millions of game installs across nearly every game title over the past decade.

Exclusively Managed Partners

Access our exclusive portfolio of publisher sites and apps, reaching over 650 million Monthly Active Users across 500+ sites, including some of the world's largest gaming platforms.

Quality Customer Service

Enjoy unparalleled guidance from our expert team, tailored to your needs, whether you need managed services or hands-on creative support, including landing page optimization. 

Proprietary Ad Server

Harness the power of our state-of-the-art ad server, tailored to deliver, optimize, and reach your campaign goals. Enjoy the advantages of real-time optimization and dynamic pricing models, ensuring peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Maximize Your Campaigns

High Impact and Custom Ad Formats and Experiences

Enhance your ad strategy with our array of high-impact ad formats, including rich skins, native game lists, carousels, live streams, and surveys for brand lift studies.

Contact our team at to view ad format examples.

Advanced Performance Targeting

Utilize our extensive years of accumulated audience data and direct relationships to boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and prevent wastage. Let us position your message across top gaming, family, and entertainment sites! 

Transparency and Seamless Campaign Management

We prioritize brand safety, transparency, and adaptability. From strategy to post-campaign analysis, we remain agile to accommodate any changes or shifts in plans. Our contextual approach guarantees relevance and effectiveness, while our steadfast commitment to industry regulations ensures the safety and integrity of your brand.

CPMStar is now a part of Aditude
Aditude acquires Gaming SSP CPMStar

In early 2024, Aditude closed a deal to acquire CPMStar, a leading monetization and SSP solution for gaming developers and publishers.

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