About the Customer

Arkadium is the ultimate destination for browser-based games (BBGs) featuring over 1,000 games including perennial favorites Family Feud, Mahjong Dimensions, and Word Wipe. Millions of players enjoy games worldwide at Arkadium.com and also its wide distribution network including partnered sites USA Today, AARP, The Washington Post, and Microsoft. Founded in 2001 by husband and wife team, Kenny Rosenblatt and Jessica Rovello, Arkadium makes games you can feel good about. Its mission is to create and curate quality browser-based games that can be enjoyed by grown-ups anywhere, anytime. The company is headquartered in New York with a studio in Portugal and has been recognized as a ‘Best Place to Work’ by Inc. Magazine, Ad Age, Crain’s New York and more. To learn more, visit  Arkadium.com or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Case Study

How Arkadium achieved 37.8% eCPM lift with Aditude

The Opportunity

Arkadium managed their ad operations and development in-house for years. They were looking for ways to improve their already strong operations and add a level of sophistication to their auctions that would maximize revenue. Arkadium found Jared Siegal, CEO of Aditude, and his team’s immense wealth of knowledge in ad tech quite attractive. Coupled with the experience that Aditude had with ad monetization and their benchmark data against other publishers, it made a compelling case for Arkadium to move forward with Aditude.

The Approach

Aditude brought immediate operational excellence to Arkadium’s ad stack through:

  • Helping them understand the ad tech ecosystem – With the industry constantly in flux, Aditude helped guide Arkadium through industry changes and ensure their ad stack operates at 100% efficiency.
  • Optimizing their Google Ad Manager (GAM) setup –  Aditude overhauled Arkadium’s GAM, which included reviewing and optimizing Arkadium’s Prebid orders, AdX settings, basic flooring, adding new SPPs, and even removing SSPs that weren’t performing. 
  • Increasing revenue per session, eCPMs, fill rates, viewability, and more – Arkadium successfully navigated the economic downturn in June 2020 with Aditude’s guidance. They battled the highs and lows and not only kept the lights on but also came out of it with stronger eCPMs and revenue per session.
  • Aditude’s customer-centric support – All of the planning, debriefs, and communication, with a hands-on and collaborative approach, keep Arkadium engaged in the partnership over the many years they’ve been working together.

Arkadium’s recent use of Aditude’s automated flooring has been another shining example of the product innovation, optimization, and industry knowledge Aditude builds into their culture. Aditude approaches ad strategy by thinking through the ad experience with appropriate layouts and timing and customizing it to devices across mobile, desktop, and tablet.

The Results

Arkadium’s partnership with Aditude has been results-focused since the onset. Initially, they were able to lift revenue eCPMS by 30% in the first year (2018). From that success, Arkadium’s partnership with Aditude has grown further through consistent GAM optimizations, testing new SSP partnerships, experimenting with different layouts, flooring strategies, and so much more.

In 2024, Aditude implemented its dynamic flooring on Arkadium, enabling them to scale it up to 95% of their total impressions. Aditude’s flooring technology has had an incredible impact on Arkadium’s bottom line, with a 34% lift to session RPM and a 37.8% eCPM lift. Aditude’s flooring also improved Arkadium’s fill rate from 83% to 87%.

When looking for a partner to help with ad monetization, we found Aditude offers far superior analytics and achieved far better results than others in their industry. They moved quickly with excellent customer service to take our already existing quality operations to the next level. Aditude’s team brings with them the needed gravitas and seriousness to their analysis and knows how to chart a path towards stronger monetization.
- Greg Gallo
Chief Operating Officer