We're complete nerds for this stuff.

We're really, really into ad ops tech (really). At our core, we're problem-solvers obsessed with helping publishers do what they do better.

A few things we believe.

At the center of everything is a handful of strongly held beliefs informing how we approach our business, our partners and each other.

Success is not one size fits all.

We partner with all types of publishers. Everyone has a unique aspiration or problem. Everyone needs something different. So we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions.

Time is the most valuable asset.

The only truly non-renewable resource is time. So we always move fast and get our publishers what they need, to save them time and help them get on with their lives.

Doing the right thing bests doing the easy thing.

We believe the measure of a good company is choosing integrity over bottom line. Integrity is paramount to everything we do and key to why we’re successful.

There's no time or need for B.S.

We don't just do things to say we did them or market ourselves. We actually do things and build things that help our clients. And it’s always thoroughly tested and vetted.

Empathy is a powerful force.

We're here to truly understand our partners' aspirations and empathize with their issues and problems. This makes us more helpful to everyone we work with.

Being good people is good business.

We’re true partners in every sense, and value the relationships we build with our publishers. This starts and ends with being friendly, supportive and helpful.

Meet the crew.
Jared Siegal
Founder & CEO
Erik Omlid
Chief Technology Officer
Josh Schenker
Chief Financial Officer
Cory Mahoney
Director of Ad Ops and Client Success
Josh Robins
Director of Growth
Yirmi Lazar
Director of Revenue Operations
Stephanie Yeong
Software Engineer
Thomas McGovern
Software Engineer
Josh Deckard
Director of Engineering
Robin Skrzypek
Publisher Partnerships
Andy Blackwell
Principal Software Engineer
Trish Manrique
Director of Marketing
Nick Hughes
Sr. Software Engineer
Ethan Patrick
Software Engineer
Nathan Schubert
Publisher Partnerships
Momtchil Donev
Sales Director - UK & Europe
Bennett Bernstedter
Director, International Clients
Jorge Noboa
Sr Director, Operations and Sales
Nicolas Goldmark
Director of Programmatic/Publisher Relations
Josh Tomlinson
Software Engineer
Michael Ovadya
Director of Sales and Business Development
Kate Lee
Product Designer
Max Smirnov
Director, Ad Operations
Iaroslav Kuznetsov
Software Engineer
Ashley Ferguson
Marketing Coordinator
Dennis Niemeyer
Sales Manager

With combined decades of diverse experience pioneering the ad ops tech space, we’ve seen it all, done it all and can anticipate it all.


We believe this stuff doesn’t need to be so confusing. So we're here to build a less complex, more empowered ad ops tech world.


We do more than solve publishers’ problems — we’re an extension of your team, giving you the tools, knowledge & solutions to win long-term.


The publishers we work with and solutions we provide are diverse and unique. We work with everyone — from global media conglomerates to niche gaming sites.