About the Customer
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now.gg, Inc. is the largest cloud-powered mobile-gaming company, with 6B+ minutes played monthly and 20M+ MAU. It enables 1-click play of mobile games without the need to download on mobile phones (iOS & Android), PCs, Macs and Chromebooks.

Case Study

How now.gg Unlocked 88% Display Revenue Growth with Aditude

The Problem

Before partnering with Aditude, now.gg focused purely on gameplay and was still in the early stages of learning what is required to navigate the complex landscape of programmatic advertising. They embarked on a frustrating journey, trialing various MCMs, only to receive limited assistance and guidance.

now.gg's most significant pain points revolved around their inability to implement ad monetization effectively alongside their cloud gaming platform. It was a trial-and-error process, and they needed guidance about the right approach.  They were looking for a solution that could provide the following:

  • Hands-on support – now.gg didn't want to become Prebid experts, so they needed a solution with ad ops experts and developers to support them.
  • Efficient ad operations – They wanted to focus on their core business initiatives and leave the day-to-day ad ops to the experts.
  • Higher ad revenue – now.gg wanted to maximize ad earning potential and knew they needed a scalable and custom solution to do so. 

The Approach

The turning point for now.gg was when they were introduced to Aditude. What set Aditude apart was our reputation as a growing leader in the industry. The expertise and professionalism of our team instilled confidence in now.gg’s decision to have Aditude manage all their ad operations and ad development projects.

Aditude's wrapper and video solution provided a scalable path for now.gg. In early 2022, we seamlessly integrated Aditude's wrapper with now.gg to handle millions of impressions effortlessly. Aditude helped to:

  • Train a large development team on how to integrate the Cloud Wrapper for speed
  • Create multiple iterations of video and display wrappers
  • Build a custom solution for desktop apps, ad server, and analytics tool
  • Conduct 100s of A/B tests
  • Forged new relationships with SSPs, including Amazon, to be less reliant on Google AdX
  • Launched new ad layouts and ad units, such as anchor ads and rewarded ads

The Results

  • Reduce dependency on Google AdX by 64.16% on display and 46.37% on video
  • Impressions served grew by 258.63%  on display and 93.25% on video in 2023 compared to 2022 
  • Increase ad revenue by 88.18% on display in 2023 compared to 2022

Note: Metrics measure January 2022 to October 2023 and are missing November and December 2023.


Fast forward to today and now.gg is doing more than 100B impressions a year and growing across their network of sites. now.gg's ad monetization strategy encompasses a range of Aditude's solutions, including Cloud Wrapper, Cloud Video, and, more recently, Cloud SDK.

When we were introduced to Aditude in our early programmatic journey, Aditude promised they would take the headaches away from trying to figure out programmatic monetization at scale. Aditude delivered on the promise by building solutions for us which scale no matter how many requests we throw at them. Whether we are doing 100M or 100B impressions - it just works.
- Ben Armstrong, VP, Programmatic


It’s fair to say that Aditude has been a game-changer for now.gg, transforming their ad monetization strategy from confusion to clarity. With a scalable and efficient solution, now.gg can focus on its core business while Aditude handles the complexities of ad monetization. The expertise, responsiveness, and results provided by Aditude have made us an invaluable partner in now.gg's success. This collaboration resolved their challenges and positioned now.gg for a prosperous future.