Built with adaptability in mind, our cutting-edge revenue reporting dashboard is designed to meet every publisher's evolving needs.

A reporting dashboard that actually works.

Real-time analytics with real results

Our platform ensures the swift delivery of real-time data and guarantees its precision, offering you a dynamic and reliable perspective on the ever-evolving landscape of programmatic advertising. 

Answer your hardest questions

Dive deep into the intricacies of your ad stack with the ability to cut and slice data across multiple dimensions. Apply filters to segment data across bidders, ad units, devices, operating systems, and more.

Developer-friendly API access

For unparalleled customization, Insights provides a developer-friendly API gateway. Seamlessly integrate with external tools, extract raw data for advanced analysis, or craft bespoke applications to extend capabilities. 

Unlock greater ad performance

Discover how our monetization solutions can transform your business, streamline ad operations, and propel your website or app to unprecedented revenue growth. 

Navigate your data to drive better decisions. 

Data at a fraction of the cost

Insights stands out as a cost-effective solution by leveraging optimization techniques and streamlined infrastructure, ensuring efficient data processing without compromising on performance.

Know when $h!t hits the fan

Define personalized thresholds for key metrics, and let the platform inform you about significant performance shifts through Slack alerts, text messages, and emails.

Elegant and easy-to-use

By prioritizing intuitive design, we ensure users can easily harness the power of advanced analytics, making data exploration and insights accessible to everyone in your organization.

Unlock the
power of Insights.

See the power of Insights and how it unlocks your ad revenue data like never before. Empower your team with turnkey business intelligence built for publishers by publishers. Get started today!