Cloud Layout

Unlock the power of seamless article page design with our innovative Layout solution – the ultimate tool for publishers seeking to elevate their content.

Optimized layouts for maximized revenue.

Increased ad revenue

With UX positively impacted and ad setup optimized, publishers can see an increase in ads per session, which translates to higher ad revenue.

Affordable hosting

Layout is about 1/20th the price of what most companies charge for hosting.

Improved site performance

Cloud Layout helps reduce page latency and bounce rate and increase time-on-site through reverse proxy/CDN, so the only thing that happens on the page is ad calls.

Optimized UX meets maximized monetization.

Proprietary layout system with proven and infinitely customizable template
  • Supports slideshow and infinite scroll
  • Augmented to serve any brand and its content with minimal set
  • Supports GTM, third-party analytics platforms, and URL-based layout triggers
  • No front-end framework is needed, and it works with any CMS
Powered by Cloud Wrapper
  • Our Cloud Wrapper is an all-in-one solution offering for web, video, AMP, and in-app.
  • We have relationships with over 20 advertising partners, ensuring you’re receiving the highest CPMs on your inventory.
  • Our flooring technology sets dynamic floors in real-time per request, allowing us to monetize each impression efficiently.
  • Our proprietary wrapper leads to better caching, faster site speed, and overall ad performance, which increases ad revenue.
Unlock greater ad performance.

Discover how Cloud Layout can transform your business, streamline ad operations, and propel your website or app to unprecedented revenue growth.