Cloud Wrapper

Lightning-fast Prebid wrapper featuring 90% smaller file sizes, offering greater cost efficiency and limitless customization for web, video, AMP, and in-app.

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Access premium demand for your inventory

Maximize your ad earning potential.

Flexible demand

We have relationships with over 20 advertising partners ensuring you’re receiving the highest CPMs on your inventory.

Optimized ad performance

Our proprietary wrapper leads to better caching, faster site speed, and overall ad performance, which increases ad revenue.

Supports web, video, AMP and in-app

Our Cloud Wrapper is an all-in-one solution offering for web, video, AMP, and in-app.

Dynamic flooring

Our flooring technology sets dynamic floors in real-time per request, allowing us to monetize each impression efficiently.

Streamline your ad ops seamlessly.

Supporting all major platforms, including Web, Video, In-App, and AMP
  • Super lightweight script with lazy loading, smart refresh, price granularity, and more loaded simultaneously
  • Supports all SSPs and ID vendors with the ability to optimize calls based on Device, OS, and GEO
  • Simple implementation with custom ad injection support
All-in-one video solution at a fraction of the cost and weight of other solutions
  • Loads in the same script as Cloud Wrapper to save on load times
  • Customizable video player that functions as a true Instream setup and has the ability to run outstream ads
See significant lift from bid caching
  • Gain better insight into ad inventory availability and revenue forecasting
  • Eliminate the need for repeated auctions for similar ad requests, leading to faster ad serving and improved user experience
  • Minimize redundant auction processes, thereby optimizing resource utilization and enhancing the overall efficiency
Efficiently monetize with our dynamic flooring guaranteed to lift revenue
  • Maximizes revenue so you can earn more for every impression
  • Effective yield management by taking into account factors, such as time of day, seasonal trends, geographic location, etc.
  • Reduces unsold inventory, so you’re maximizing revenue 
Discover how Blitz achieved a 39% lift in revenue with Aditude's Cloud Wrapper.

From technical support to strong ad performance, Aditude checked off all the boxes for Blitz.

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