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National Review, founded in 1955 by William F. Buckley Jr., serves as a prominent platform for conservative opinion and has played a pivotal role in shaping the modern conservative movement. The publication has evolved into a multimedia enterprise, producing a monthly magazine, a 24/7 website, podcasts, and videos. Featuring notable conservative thinkers, National Review provides in-depth commentary on political, cultural issues, original news coverage, and explores various forms of arts.

Case Study

How National Review Boosted Viewability by 18.91% with Aditude

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The Problem

National Review faced significant challenges with its ad monetization strategy before partnering with Aditude. The company experienced suboptimal revenue performance, characterized by much lower-than-expected RPMs. Their reporting system was consistently breaking and providing inaccurate data. The website's slow load speed led to poor viewability, and they were not fully monetizing their website to its full potential. National Review was looking for a solution that could:

  • Optimize their ad stack – National Review wanted a solution to improve ad performance, provide a reliable reporting system, and address website load speed. 
  • Industry expertise – They needed a partner to fill the void left by their departed RevOps Director and optimize their ad strategy.
  • Streamline ad management – National Review sought a solution to streamline ad management, operate with minimal oversight, and deliver consistent results. 

The Approach

National Review found the right solution in Aditude. National Review learned about Aditude through their former RevOps Director, who recognized the expertise and potential in Jared Siegal, CEO and founder of Aditude, and his team. 

After an initial consultancy, they expanded their partnership with Aditude to migrate to our Cloud Wrapper in May 2021, where they saw a 20% lift in RPMs. They were particularly drawn to Aditude's better pricing model and the transparent, trust-inducing approach of Jared and his team. The impact of Aditude on National Review's ad monetization strategy was not immediate, but it was profound. Over time, they experienced significant improvements, including:

  • Reduced workload – National Review experienced fewer headaches regarding their ad operations.
  • Consistent performance –With Jared and the team on hand, they got things on track and went through a major reset, including building a new reporting dashboard.
  • Improved revenue – National Review significantly improved its ad performance by transitioning to Aditude's Cloud Wrapper. 
  • Improved ad refresh timeframes: National Review tweaked ad refresh timeframes and viewability, enhancing performance.

The Results

Since working with Aditude, National Review has utilized our Cloud Wrapper and even implemented our AMP solution in December 2022. National Review has seen several quantifiable and positive impacts, including:

  • Revenue increased a monthly avg. of 24.22% on Web and 58.13% on mobile since January 2021
  • Improved viewability on Web Display by 18.21% since January 2021
  • Increased impressions  on Web Display by 47.67% since January 2021
  • Reduced dependency on AdX on Web Display by 36.35% since January 2021
  • Increased  eCPMs on AMP by 13.79% since December 2022
  • Increased impressions on AMP by 324.39% since December 2022

Note: Metrics are until October 2023 and exclude data from November and December 2023. 

Working with Aditude has been a game-changer for us. We boosted our RPMs by as much as 56% in some months and have had consistent month-over-month RPM growth since partnering, constantly setting new “bests” for us — it's been a huge life-saver.
- Garrett Bewkes, Publisher


Working with Aditude allowed National Review to focus on product development and strategy, led by their lean team. They saved thousands of hours and opportunity costs while enjoying peace of mind, knowing they were in capable hands. 

For anyone considering our products and services, National Review emphasized the importance of staying actively involved in the process. They recommend trusting Aditude and our guidance. In conclusion, Aditude transformed National Review's ad monetization, significantly improving revenue and operational efficiency.