About the Customer

At the core of their solution, Insticator’s Content Engagement Unit (CEU) and Commenting products are geared towards helping publishers establish a strong sense of social community within their ecosystems by enticing users to be more engaged with site content and amongst each other, all while favorably monetizing in the background.

Insticator blends artificial intelligence with human moderation to facilitate healthy, respectful discourse and enables audiences to share opinions and interact with content that speaks directly to them. Insticator reaches over 350 million consumers monthly across its network of premium publishing partners.

Case Study

How Insticator’s Viewability Surged over 70% with Aditude's Cloud Wrapper and Insticator's Demand Marketplace

The Problem

Insticator faced several pain points with their previous ad monetization setup. These included slow response times, insufficient monetization capabilities, and outdated technology infrastructure. Despite experimenting with solutions like EMX and Playbuzz for Insticator client sites like Alcula.com and Chipchick.com, Insticator found their needs unmet and sought a partner who could provide comprehensive solutions. 

As a company Insticator committed to staying ahead in the industry, they recognized the importance of finding a solution that can:

  • Operate with speed and efficiency
  • Provide versatility
  • Offer robust reporting capabilities
  • Empower them to adapt to future ad ops trends

The Approach

Having previously utilized Aditude's consulting services, Insticator experienced firsthand the team's expertise, skills, and strong understanding of the industry. When it came time to part ways with their existing ad monetization solution, it was a natural progression for Insticator to transition to Aditude's technology solutions, given the proven track record of success demonstrated by Jared Siegal, CEO, and the Aditude team.

By leveraging Aditude's Cloud Wrapper, Insticator:

  • Gained access to unparalleled speed, versatility, and integration, ensuring optimal revenue generation while maintaining industry standards
  • Remained aware of the latest advancements in ad tech since Aditude is a Prebid member and Google Certified Publishing Partner, so Aditude stood at the forefront of industry discussions and trends
  • Collaborated with Aditude through their responsive approach, facilitated through channels like Slack, and effective communication and swift issue resolution

Upon implementing Aditude's Cloud Wrapper, Insticator experienced:

  • Significant improvements in workflow efficiency and ad performance 
  • A host of A/B tests for optimization, ensuring that Insticator's ad strategies are continually refined for maximum effectiveness 
  • Successful internal viewability benchmarks while increasing bid requests and revenue with features like lazy loading and smart refresh
  • Smooth ad delivery and minimized disruptions with the reliability of Aditude's code and continuous monitoring by experts like Jared Siegal, CEO, and Cory Mahoney, Director of Ad Ops and Client Success

The Results

The impact of Aditude's Cloud Wrapper on Insticator's ad monetization metrics was remarkable. 

  • Viewability rates surged from 45% to over 70%
  • Notable increase in the overall number of bid requests and revenue
Aditude is not just a technology vendor but a key strategic partner to Insticator. Their collaborative approach, proactive support, and commitment to our success set them apart in the industry as an advertising technology solution. Aditude's focus on understanding our unique needs and delivering tailored solutions has fostered a relationship built on trust, innovation, and mutual success. Jared and the Aditude team deliver for their partners, which is what matters most.
- Zach Dugow


Working with Aditude has had a transformative effect on Insticator's ad monetization strategy. By saving time, streamlining processes, and optimizing budget allocation, Insticator was able to focus more on core business activities and prioritize initiatives like improving Core Web Vitals. The partnership has empowered Insticator to stay agile, responsive, and competitive in the long run. The time and resources saved have been redirected towards strategic endeavors, driving sustained growth and innovation.

The partnership between Insticator and Aditude showcases how using advanced technology and strategic collaborations can drive significant improvements in ad monetization performance and long-term business success. The partnership between Insticator and Aditude continues to grow and develop. Check out how Aditude leverages Insticator’s Demand Marketplace.