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How Aditude Leverages Insticator’s Demand Marketplace, a Top 5 Monetization Partner

Discover how Aditude leverages Insticator's Demand Marketplace, a top five monetization partner, to maximize revenue and efficiency. With a focus on quality publishers, valuable content, and active engagement, this partnership promises significant benefits for publishers, including revenue growth, seamless integration, and competitive bidding strategies.

The Aditude Team
Mar 25, 2024

Aditude's partnership with Insticator, utilizing their Demand Marketplace, is founded on a shared vision of maximizing revenue and efficiency. Aditude seeks partners who have reputable publishers, can deliver valuable content that resonates with users, and maintain active audience engagement.

Insticator's Demand Marketplace aligns perfectly with Aditude, offering unique value propositions through granular approaches and a curated list of quality publishers, including Aditude sites like,,,, The partnership aims to boost revenue and efficiency across the board.

About Insticator’s Demand Marketplace

Insticator empowers publishers to access premium demand sources through their Demand Marketplace, drive revenue growth, and enhance their user experience. This partnership represents a convergence of cutting-edge technology, strategic collaboration, and a shared vision for success in the dynamic landscape of digital advertising.

How can Aditude publishers benefit: 

Utilizing Insticator's Demand Marketplace provides Aditude publishers with several significant benefits, including:

  • Unique in-house demand and private marketplace deals –  This ensures Aditude's publishers can access high-quality demand sources, enhancing their revenue potential. 
  • Significant revenue boost – With Insticator’s fast and straightforward integration process, publishers can quickly start generating revenue without encountering substantial challenges.
  • Seamlessly support all formats – Insticator's support for all ad formats across devices ensures compatibility and maximizes revenue opportunities for Aditude's publishers.
Collaborating with Insticator has been a positive experience for Aditude. The Insticator team has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our goals and a commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive revenue and engagement. Their Demand Marketplace has enabled us to access premium demand sources and maximize value for our publishers. Working with Zack and the Insticator team has been nothing short of exceptional, and their dedication to our success is truly commendable.
- Jared Siegal

What can publishers expect: 

  • Revenue Growth: Partners using Insticator's Demand Marketplace can anticipate increased revenue streams, backed by robust strategies and diverse demand sources. With the addition of two more sites from Insticator's portfolio, publishers can further maximize their earning potential.
  • Integration and Compatibility: The integration process with Aditude's auction and publishers is swift and effortless, requiring minimal effort on the part of the publishers. The Demand Marketplace seamlessly supports all formats across various screens, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.  Insticator has a suite of tools to make engagement solutions compatible with any functionality. Usually, any issues that occur get resolved quickly via Prebid adapter updates within a day.
  • Competitive Bidding Strategies: To ensure competitiveness in Aditude's Prebid auction, Insticator employs sophisticated bidding strategies to maximize win rates and performance. Their Demand Marketplace provides high fill rates and CPM to become publishers' top five demand partner. They add first-party data into bidstream, activating addressable demand, retargeting strategies, and throttle inventory for buyers to make the publisher more visible to demand partners with a highly effective inventory. The system defines a high buy price to ensure Insticator always serves an ad if there is a bid from our side. These strategies differentiate Insticator from other bidders, ensuring optimal outcomes for publishers.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Insticator maintains open lines of communication with Aditude, sharing performance insights and collaborating to enhance results. Insticator provides daily reporting with key metrics included. They can optimize the data in the way the publisher needs, such as browser, hour, media type, etc. This collaboration has led to marked improvements in performance, demonstrating the effectiveness of the partnership.
  • Feedback and Continuous Improvement: Insticator values feedback from Aditude and incorporates it into its bidding strategies to drive continuous improvement. Insticator improves their system collaboratively by adding more features and adapting it for the buyers using the insights. They have a streamlined reporting process, effective onboarding, and the ability to monetize large-volume sites with >10B monthly requests. Initiatives and improvements are regularly implemented based on feedback, ensuring alignment with publisher needs and preferences.

Use Cases

Publisher: Gaming Publisher
Product: Aditude’s Cloud Wrapper, Insticator’s Demand Marketplace


  • Cross-format monetization: This publisher enabled Insticator demand across display and video format, covering both outstream and instream ad opportunities to maximize the yield.
  • Simple plug-and-play activation: This publisher was able to activate Insticator demand using built-in integration within Aniview Video player to simplify the setup process to just a few clicks.

Publisher: National Review
Products: Aditude’s Cloud Wrapper, Insticator’s Commenting product, Insticator’s Demand Marketplace


  • First-party data collection: Activation of data collected allows for enhanced customer experience
  • Re-circulating users: Users are recirculated back to the website via Insticator’s commenting solution, with ~25% of users being re-engaged from the comment notification
  • Improving user engagement: Keeping engaged users for up to 12 minutes active by using Insticator’s engagement solution

Overall Experience

Insticator's Demand Marketplace has exciting plans within Aditude's ecosystem, including leveraging Aditude's wrapper in its Commenting products and introducing features to enhance our partnership further. 

Aditude's partnership with Insticator has been highly beneficial, marked by trust, knowledge sharing, and a multi-year relationship. Aditude's guidance on flooring and throttling strategies, along with insights into industry trends, has been invaluable in maintaining a premium network and staying ahead of the curve. The partnership fosters a sense of community and consistently delivers exceptional results for publishers.

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