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Video Ads Landscape 2024: Key Updates to IAB, Prebid & SSPs

Learn about key developments and challenges in video advertising that publishers can expect in 2024, what Aditude’s role is in the ecosystem, and what we’re doing to address these challenges.

Andrew Fowler
Jan 25, 2024
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The world of video advertising is in a constant state of evolution. As we step into 2024, publishers find themselves amidst a fast-changing and fragmented programmatic video ecosystem. With updates, deprecations, and slow industry adoption, staying ahead in this landscape is no small feat. 

In this blog post, we'll dive into key developments and challenges that publishers can expect in 2024. As Chair of Prebid’s Video Taskforce and Head of Revenue Operations at Aditude, I’m in and out of various video discussions with publishers and partners every day. Then, we’ll share what Aditude’s role is in the ecosystem and what we’re doing to address these challenges. 

What to Know About Video

March 2023 IAB Update to openRTB 

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is at the forefront of setting standards for the digital advertising industry. A crucial development in March 2023 was the update to the openRTB standard, specifically the deprecation of the old placement field in favor of the new “plcmt” field. This shift aims to enhance efficiency and clarity in ad placements within video content.

diagram of in-stream video ads

Shift from "Instream" to "Accompanying Content"

An intriguing development is the redefinition of a substantial amount of video inventory. What was previously categorized as "instream" is now being labeled as "Accompanying Content." This change reflects a nuanced understanding of video content, emphasizing that advertising can be seamlessly integrated into various formats beyond traditional instream placements.

SSP Adoption Challenges

Despite the industry's push for standardization, the adoption of new standards by Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) has been a slow process. Nine months after the IAB update, most SSPs are now ingesting the new “plcmt” field, aligning with the new standards. This lag, however, has created a temporary imbalance in the ecosystem.

diagram of the 4 layers which include transport, format, transaction, domain and a side column of related resources required such as ads.txt, validators
diagram of how media targets an audience in context and how media confirms to placement specifications

Google's Sluggish Adoption

While the majority of SSPs have made progress, tech giant Google has been notably slow in adopting the updated standards. As of April 2024, Google is set to implement only a portion of the new standard. This delayed adoption poses challenges for publishers using Google's platform, requiring careful navigation of mixed signals in the programmatic landscape.

Amazon’s Unique Implementation Approach

For publishers using Amazon, the process involves proactively reaching out to a representative to update a hidden mapping on the backend. It is within this mapping that the new “plcmt” values are assigned or modified based on the publisher's requirements. While this approach offers a personalized touch, this manual process adds an extra step to the implementation timeline and requires coordination between the publisher's team and Amazon's representatives.

Publishers must adapt their strategies to the specific requirements of each platform within the programmatic video ecosystem, including those with distinctive processes like Amazon's.

Prebid Video Taskforce and Aditude's Role in the Ecosystem

In response to the challenges posed by diverse interpretations of openRTB signals, the Prebid Video Taskforce is actively pushing for standardization. Our efforts are geared towards establishing consistency in the signals sent to SSPs via Prebid, ensuring a unified approach that simplifies the publisher's experience and enhances overall ecosystem coherence. Participating in these discussions helps Aditude be aware of what’s being actively discussed and share what our publishers experiencing.

With the varied approaches taken by Prebid SSPs, Amazon, and Google in interpreting openRTB signals, publishers find themselves in a complex scenario. This lack of uniformity hampers operational efficiency and creates additional hurdles for publishers in optimizing their video ad inventory.

Your monetization solution plays a crucial role in filling the gaps in this fragmented ecosystem. This is where Aditude comes in. By ensuring all video inventory is properly labeled according to the latest openRTB video standards, Aditude acts as a bridge between our publishers and SSPs. The goal is to streamline operations, maximize revenue, and create a more cohesive programmatic video advertising landscape.


As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of video, publishers must remain vigilant, adaptable, and well-informed. The updates to openRTB, shifts in inventory categorization, and the varying adoption timelines of industry players demand a strategic and nuanced approach. With the advocacy of industry leaders and support from solutions like Aditude, publishers can proactively tackle challenges, ensuring a more streamlined and lucrative video advertising future.

If you have any questions about your video monetization, reach out to our team at, and we’d be happy to help!

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